My Family

My Family

Friday, November 21, 2014

Genesis 50

Good morning! We have walked through the entire book of Genesis together! If you haven't read it before, hopefully something was picked up. I had been through it befor years ago. But I am still amazed at all the sin committed by the ancestors of Jesus. 

In the final chapter, Joseph's brothers beg for forgiveness saying their father told them to ask for it. Whether Jacob did or not, Joseph's answer was extraordinary. In verse 19, Joseph said "Have no fear. Can I take the place of God?" He is saying only God can make the brothers slaves because of their crimes, that he (Joseph) can not make those decisions. 

This is such a good reminder to us. When people ask our forgiveness, do we stil hold a grudge or judge them unfairly? We need to remember that only God can make final judgement. We cannot make those people "slaves" to workoff their sins against us. Later in the bible, forgiveness is talked about so many times. It is easy to say it, but hard to mean it sometimes. I think if we turn to God and ask him to help us open our heart to forgive, it may be a better ending. We shouldn't do it on our own, He doesn't expect nor want us to. And that goes for everything in our life. We need to remember we are never alone.

Have a great weekend!

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