My Family

My Family

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Genesis 39

Genesis 39:3 When his master saw that the Lord was with him and brought him success in whatever he did, he took a liking to Joseph...

Because Joseph was a good man and obeyed God, God looked kindly upon him. He blessed Joseph so that all the things he dealt with in or out of the house flourished. Joseph's master saw how everything Joseph he managed was successful because of God, he let him be in charge of the entire household. 

If people could see how we obey God today, we might find great successes like Joseph. It may not be monetary things or higher statuses, but it shouldn't matter. We should strive to live our life for God like Joseph did. He didn't pretend to live in God in hopes of being successful. He faithfully did because that was what was right. We need to stop putting things in front of God and making excuses for why we can't so things for God and live our lives for him. He is the reason we are here on this earth. He is the reason w are here in this bible study. Stop waiting for tomorrow and live for God today and every day like Joseph did.

Lord, pease open our hearts to you so that we may begin to willingly devote our lives to you every day, not to gain for ourselves but to gain for you. Amen.

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