My Family

My Family

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Psalm 5

Psałm 5:10 For there is no sincerity in the mouths; the hearts are corrupt. Their throats are open graves; on the tongues are subtle lies.

How many times have I said something harsh or told a subtle lie and immediately regretted it? Sometimes you can't take back the pain caused by words. How many more times have I said something and not regretted it, trying to reason with myself that I was correct in what I did? The harm that my words have done to others is dreadful. The saying "words could never hurt me" is wrong. I've seen the look on my child's face when my anger lashes out. I need to control my tongue before it controls me.

Lord please hold my tongue. where I easily get overwhelmed, be by my side to put a hand on my shoulder and calm me down before I lash out at people. Amen. 

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