My Family

My Family

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Genesis 47

Genesis 47:9 Jacob replied: " The years I have lived as s wayfarer amount to a hundred and thirty five. Few and hard have been these years of my life, and they do not compare with the years that my ancestors lived as wayfarers."

Jacob is acknowledging how his ancestors lived many more years as travelers on the earth. In a way, we are all just wayfarers here on earth. Though maybe not by foot, all our life we are traveling. This is figurative, not literal of course, because some people never leave their hometown. But still we are travelers here on earth until we reach our final destination: Heaven. 

The journey is not an easy one, and will have its hardships. But as long as we have our Bible or even just our faith along on our journey, we will be at ease knowing the twists and turns on the road is worth it. 

Lord, I pray you keep me safe on my journey here on earth. Help me suit up with your armor to protect me from the evil one. Ease my heart so I may always know you are near. Amen. 

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