My Family

My Family

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Esther 10

Sorry I miss chapter 9 yesterday. I did ready it and study on it, but there's some things going on here that kept me busy. Here is the final chapter in Esther

S: Esther 10:3 " high standing with the Jews, popular with many of his kindred, seeking the good of his people and speKing out on behalf of the welfare of its descendants."

O: Mordecai had succeeded in what he wanted. But instead of how Haman acted when he was next to the king (always prideful and always seeking to destroy his enemy), Mordecai is focused on what is important: his people. 

A: It is easy in good times to forget those in need. It's so easy to see 'nobodies' rise to success, whether it political, educational, business, etc, and then forget all then"little people" that helped them get there. Mordecai is a great example of someone quite the opposite. He is still seeking the good of his people. Not that I plan to jump into the limelight anytime soon, but I hope that I can continue to always keep my family and my people first.

P: Dear Fod, it's so easy to be distracted from you when we fall into riches of the world. Help us to see that we acheived those great successes because of you. Help us to remember to gie back what is yours and to always seek out the good in our people. Amen.

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