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My Family

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Esther 8

I'm trying to get this completed before the baby wakes,but is already hear him talking to himself in he bed. As long as he doesn't get loud enough to wake his sister, all is good :)

S: Esther 8:11 In these letters the king authorized the Jews in each and every city to group together and defend their lives, and to kill, destroy, wipe out, along with their wives and children, every armed group of any nation or province which should attack them, and to seize their goods as spoils...

O: Haman had originally sent out a letter from the king telling everyone to destroy the Jews. Mordecai dictated a new letter saying for the Jews to stand firm and destroy anyone who came to do them harm. 

A: As Christians, we are not called to kill those who want to do us harm, but we are called to stand firm against those who wish to taken us down. We are called to put on our armor (Ephesians 6:11) to "stand firm against the tactics of the devil." This is a daily battle and we can see it now as there are those wanting to take God out of everything, and many other religious issues are trying to become political. 

P: Dear God, help me to be ready when I am attacked by someone wishing to take me down spiritually. Help me to remember to put on my armor and be able to stand firm with you. This is a daily battle we fight against those who wish to destroy Christianity, Lord, so as I wake each morning, help me to remember to be strong according to your will. 

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