My Family

My Family

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Esther 5

Woohoo finally caught up! I am amazed at the other ladies responses with their SOAP. It just reiterates by many people can take different perspective of a passage.

S: Esther 5:11-13 "He [Haman] recounted the greatness of his riches! the large number of his sons! and just how the king had promoted him and placed him above the officials and royal servants. "Moreover," Haman added, " Queen Esther invited no one but me to the banquet with the king; again tomorrow I am to be her guest with the king. Yet none of this satisfies me as long as I continue to see the Jew morse air sitting at the royal gate." "

O: Haman was a very greedy and self serving man. He was very bold about his riches, but so he said, none mattered to him as long as Mordecai still refused to bow to him. Even all his undeserved riches couldn't make him happy enough until Mordecai was gone.

A: there are times in our lives that no matter what greatness we have, we are still burdened by something. Haman was a bad man, and his selfish burden is nothing like what I have, but my own burdens are out so selfishness. How many times I think "if I could just get a moments rest," as I hear my two beautiful children chatter. Instead I should be thanking God for the beautiful gifts he gave me.

P: Dear God, please help me to see the many gifts you have given me in true light. Help me to let go of the selfish burdens I hold in my heart. I know you could have given these gifts to anyone, but you chose me for a reason. I love the gifts you have bestowed upon me. Let me not take them for granted. Amen.

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