My Family

My Family

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Genesis 11

Genesis 11:6 Then the Lord said: "If now, while they are one people, Dallas speaking the same language, they have started to do this, nothing will later stop them from doing whatever they presume to do..."

O: after everything God had done to rectify the earth of the people, saving Noah and his family, these people had forgotten to trust God.

A: We are a simple creature. In the midst of sadness and despair, we remember God. But in times of greatness and happiness, do we remember? Or are we forgetful like the people in Babel. God could send something at anytime to scatter us. Is that what it would take for us to be grateful for what we have?

P: Lord, I want to always show you my gratitude for my life. In my good times and bad, I want to rejoice in you. I don't want to be forgetful or untrusting like the people of Babel. Let me always praise your name. Amen. 

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