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My Family

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Genesis 29

Jacob had tricked his father into getting Esau's blessing. Then Jacob is threatened and leaves. He travels to a land where he has relatives of his mother, and sees Rachel and falls in love with her. After making a deal with Laban, to feel him 7 years to be able to wed Rachel,, Jacob consummated marriage with Leah instead of Rachel. He feels tricked by Laban. But this is very similar to what Jacob did to his own father. Jacob is allowed to marry Rachel and works with Laban longer.

Laban was only doing what a father should. Back in those days, the first born had more rights than their siblings. As Esau was supposed to have birthright and a blessing, Leah should have been married first. Maybe the way Laban went about this wasn't right, but he was following the customs of his land. I am curious about the multiple wives that men have in those testament. And the babies born with their slaves. My husband always said "One wife telling me what to do is enough." He  is only picking, but it's good to know he feels that way. I digress...

Im having a hard time finding something in particular to think deeper on in this chapter. In the second half, God hears Leah's pain and gives her 4 sons. But she still lacks the affection from Jacob. Hopefully she knew that it is the love of God alone that can totally fulfill our needs. Otherwise, that sounds pretty terrible. 

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