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My Family

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Genesis 22

Good morning! My us and and I not to an 80's themed Halloween party last night. It was petty fun. Most of the guests had dressed as movie or TV icons of the 80's (Michael Meyers, Teen Wolf, Goblin King of Lanryinth, Jessica Rabbit, Punky Brewster, Rick Flair, and more). I'm not the biggest fan of Halloween costumes. To me it's a free ride for the creepy people to put masks on and come out to scare you and no one would know if it's a real trick or not. That's just me. I watch too much television. Anyway, back to the study.

In Genesis 22:2, God tests Abraham's loyalty. He asks Abraham to offer up his only son as a Holocaust. And Abraham willingly was going to comply, and would have if the angel had not stopped him. How amazing was his love for God! To give up his only son. Could we give up our children as easily? 

God gave us his only son to save us from sin. God's love for us is amazing and unconditional. Just as Abraham's love for God was. It is said in the Bible that would should not hold earthy possessions above God, that we should be willing to let the go at a moment's notice. The ability to sacrifice a child is a truly unconditional love that I don't know if I am at yet.

Lord, I want to love you like Abraham. I want to be able to give up everything for you. I am glad you haven't asked me to give up my children because I fear I am not ready to do that. Help me to overcome this fear, knowing if I were to lose a child, I would see them again in heaven with you. Amen. 

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