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My Family

Friday, October 10, 2014

Genesis 13

I know this may sound silly, as I already knew the story in the Bible, but while reading this chapter, I kept envisioning the Veggie Tale version of it. I just saw it the other day on TV. Also, when doing the book of Esther, we have th Veggie Tale version. It is less adult than the Bible, I think it is cut and my daughter loves them. So my visual of Abram and Lot are two cartoon vegetables...

Genesis 13:14 After Lot had left, the Lord said to Abram: "Look about you, and from where you are, gaze to the  northh and south, east and west; all the land that you see I will give to you and your descendants forever. I will make your descendants like the dust of the earth; if anyone could count the dust of the earth, your descendants too might be counted."  

O: God promised Abram his descendants would cover the earth. 

A: If you remember from Chapter 11, it said Sarai, Abrams's wife was barren. And hree God is promising to give Abram so many descendants, they cannot be counted. How amazing! I know that being able to carry a child is such a great honor. And I also know some women do not get to carry a child in their womb, but they still have a great opportunity to carry one in their hearts and raise a child through adoption. Being a mother doesn't mean giving birth, it means loving a child and raising the child. I digress... God fills is promises. Gods promises are not always what we had in mind. But we need to be open to his will and his way to enjoy our life.

P: Dear Lord, please let me always be open to your way, so that i might accept your promises and gifts unconditionally and whole heartedly. You alone know the path you have chosen for me. I hank you for that. I ask that you open each and every person's mind so they may also understand your way. Amen. 

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