My Family

My Family

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Genesis 28

Genesis 28:15 Know that I am with you; I will protect you wherever you go, and bring you back to this land. I will never leave you until I have done what I promised you.

To me this is a  powerful verse. I know there are several other times in the bible that "I am with you" is found. God continually is calling to us to let us know he is there. Here, God is telling Jacob to have faith and know He is there as he prepares on his journey. He wants Jacob to trust in Him as did Issac and Abraham. 

Are there times in our lives where we can hear God calling us, telling us he is there? Sometimes it's harder to hear than others. Let's imagine we are outside on a nice day, let's say sunny and 65, looking at a beautiful field. The we feel a nice breeze come across the field. Do you ever think that's God saying "I am here with you"? It may be easier to imagine him there when we are having easy days. But it's the days that are hard that we need to know he is there. And he is. Remembered the poem about the footsteps? Where the man, looking back on his life, says he sees two sets of footprints for a while but he sees only one set during the bad days. And God (it may have been Jesus) tells him that's because He was carrying the man during the bad days. God is always with us. Listen for him.

Lord, I pray that I always a, willing to open my ears and my heart to hear you say you are there. That I know I am never really alone. Amen. 

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