My Family

My Family

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Genesis 14

Good morning! I feel blessed the last few mornings to be able to awaken and be with God without being sick. My "morning" sickness has not subsided. It's just not as bad first thing in the momrning. And that makes for a good day. Praise God.

Genesis 14:23 that I would not take so much as a thread or a sandal strap from anything that is yours, so that you cannot say, 'I made Abram rich.'

O: Abram does not let anyone but God enrich him. He knows his victory is through God alone.

A: how can I be that humble? All the gifts we are born with are given to us by God. But do we take th time to think about that and praise him fort them? For instance, I received several scholarships for college because of th good grades I made in highschool. Of course I was only 17 and not on a great walk with God. If it were now, I would want to praise God for the blessing of my knowledge and my ability to get into college. 

But I don't know that I could have turned down the scholarships. To me, I was being rewarded because of knowledge that God gave me. In this chapter Abram would have been rewarded by a greedy King. So I don't think that is the same. What do you think??

P: Lord, let me always praise you first for my blessings. And let me praise you for my shortcomings as well. You alone know my path. Amen.

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