My Family

My Family

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Genesis 24

What a beautiful chapter! Abraham's servant prayed, and God answers his prayer in verse 15 with Rebekah, who was Abraham's kinsman as he asked. And how obedient was Rebekah to leave her family and return with the servant to marry someone she had never met. Her family wanted to keep her a few more days, but she never hesitated when the servant was ready to go because of her faith in God. 

How often do we hesitate when we feel God pulling at our heart? I can honestly say way too often. There have been a few times lately that I know God wanted me to do something, and I hesitated because I was late for work, or I had to pick up the kids, or some other excuse I could think of. We should stop more often and acknowledge those pulls on our heart and follow them. Only God knows how those small steps could change our life (and maybe someone else's), possiblly for the better.

Lord, help me to slow down and follow your commands. Help me to not think of an excuse when I walk by that person you want me to stop and talk to. Help me to gore my faith and trust that you will take care of me. Amen

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