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My Family

Friday, October 24, 2014

Genesis 27

Deception; to deceive; to mislead by a false appearance or statement. Jacob did just that by appearing as if he was his brother Esau and telling his father such. He mislead his father to receive a blessing meant for Esau. This is not Jacob's deception alone: his mother Rebekah was the instigator. Jacob must flee because of his deception, so that his brother does not kill him. So Jacob and his mother are now separate from each other because of their lies. 

How easy it is to deceive. We learn to do it as children with "little white lies." We  do these things to gain something or to make ourselves look good. We don't think anyone will find out. And maybe no one will. But the bigger problem at hand is one person knows. Besides you. God knows. He knew the moment you let the words slip out. He was the one pulling on our heart to stop. He is our conscious that makes us toss and turn at night after we have deceived someone. He is there. 

In Mark 4:22 it is written: "For there is nothing hidden except to be made visible; nothing is secret except to come to light." I have always taken that verse to mean that any deception we try to hide will be made known. Someone will figure it out, or we will be truthful, but even if that doesn't happen, it will be made light on our judgement day. God knows of every deception we have done. It is the dark one whispering in our ears to continue on with the lies. We must stand firm and tell him to move back. We must not falsely aquire things that epwere not meant for us. We must stand with God against the devil, against deception, against all evil. This is a daily struggle. It is so easy to let one little white lie slip out. But befor you know it, that lie can snowball out of control. 

Lord, please help me to stand firm against deception. I do not want to gain things that aren't meant for me. I only want them if you meant them for me. I pray I can stand firm against the devil's whispers. Amen. 

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